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February 15, 2013


Kids daily: smily_meerkat

instagram @smily_meerkat

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January 4, 2013


Wrong child

Question: Hi, I have a problem. I always wanted to have a son, but I got a girl instead. I really upset about that. Any tips on that? Answer: Well, this might be really a huge problem – for your daughter! The problem is that by rejecting her you might bring really a lot of […]

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December 20, 2012


Ink Kids

Kids love to express themselves. And there is nothing better for this than making a tattoo. Great temporary tattoos can be found at Tattly. There are templates for anything that happens to a kids during a day: riding a bike, eating ice cream, saw a butterfly, fell in love with a girl, having a sister […]

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December 19, 2012


Cute wool alphabet DIY

Kids love it when we create something for them orwith them. This cute wool alphabet is also educational! read how to make it here:

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December 17, 2012


Like a girl

Question: Please help us! One day I came back home and found my 7 year-old son wearing my heels, my dress, my everything! He even had the lipstick on. I suspect he does it constantly! What’s wrong with this guy? Answer: Well, first of all don’t panic, perhaps there’s nothing wrong with your son. You […]

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December 17, 2012


Cool fabric trees

Some pretty cool ideas of alternatives to live and artificial trees: 1. Advent calendar: IKEA 2. Advent calendar DIY, this one from Oh Happy Day! 3. IKEA via Livet Hemma 4. Stretched canvas with ornaments – Cuckoo 4 Design

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December 14, 2012


Many faces of kids in contemporary art

1. Children at the photorealistic paintings of our favorite Russian artists Dubossarsky and Vinogradov are always happy and cheerful. We do not know for sure though whether these children are really feel so or just trying to impress their parents, as it often happens. 2. American artist Mark Ryden sees kids sad, arabesque and […]

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December 12, 2012


A Japanese house your children will love

An elevated residence in Kanagawa designed by Takuya Tsuchida. A central alleyway is lined with natural grass and functions as a mini golf course so your children can work on their swing by simply stepping out of your door. However, long shots are frowned upon by neighbors. via, photos by Torimura Koichi

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November 20, 2012


Barbra Berrada

Barbra Berrada studied design and fashion at „l‘école Duperré“ in Paris. She worked for a Parisian trend offices, as well as for the design office of Lacoste. Now photographer and multi-facetted creative (graphic, stylist, painter etc…) – she brings her particular vision to the little instances of every day life, fragile, precious and fleeting. Just […]

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