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December 20, 2012


Ink Kids

Kids love to express themselves. And there is nothing better for this than making a tattoo. Great temporary tattoos can be found at Tattly. There are templates for anything that happens to a kids during a day: riding a bike, eating ice cream, saw a butterfly, fell in love with a girl, having a sister […]

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December 5, 2012


Chanel Pre-Fall 2013 in Linlithgow, Scotland

After New York, Shanghai and Bombay, Chanel has chosen Scotland: “I was inspired by the rich heritage of Chanel in Scotland, and the craftsmanship of Scottish tweed and cashmere, that are an integral and iconic part of Chanel’s collections”, said Karl Lagerfeld. The cutest model was this little kid:,

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November 16, 2012


We are handsome KIDS

The most popular Australian beach clothing and accessories brand in the world We Are Handsome in their last Resort collection The Enchanted also presented some absolutely outstanding pieces for little girls! The same eye-catching prints with tropical landscapes, animals and birds, the same styles, which are really suitable for many. Are you going to spend […]

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November 14, 2012

Kids George No Comments

It kids: Seva Bezrukov

When you see Seva for the first time at kids party or in a museum you could think that he’s a real fashion victim. Looks like he has an expensive clothes, fresh haircut from cool stylist, that he oftentravel abroad, wearing bow ties because he’s a hipster, eats almost nothing because loves something exquisite and […]

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November 13, 2012


Boscobambino runway show

Very cute and funny fashion defile was held in Moscow/Russia’s central department store GUM. While presenting new kids clothing line BOSCOBAMBINO the runway was filled with little kids from 2 y. o. and up who were actual models. All the guest totally loved the show (probably because the majority of them were parents of these […]

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November 12, 2012


Babiekins Issue 10

What we liked most in the last issue of Californian Babiekins magazine was photo shoot Indoor Rain. The rest of the issue was also great!

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November 8, 2012


Very French Gangsters eyewear

Если уж так вышло, что у вашего ребенка проблемы со зрением, не спешите расстраивать его и себя и тащиться в соседнюю оптику. Мы уверены, что очки Very French Gangsters, не то что не породят в детях чувство неуверенности в себе, но и наоборот – помогут им стать самыми модными в классе.

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