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Truth hurts

October 26, 2012

Clothing George Comments Off on Truth hurts

Apparently, a long time ago someone decided that children should always be fun, ready to play and love sweets. This is not always so and we know that right? Most often children are serious. They do not like to draw bears and cats – their first paintings are abstract and melancholic. They like to sneeze while looking at the sun alone instead of playing with other kids. They like to fight, not to cuddle.

For those who accept their children as they are we present our favorite, sometime grim, clothing brands.


French brand started more than 10 years ago recently launched adult line for parents, who want to look just like their little cuties from 1 month till 18 y.o.


Every piece of Scotch Shrunk and Scotch R’Belle is made as an adult item which is shrunk to fit the size (hence the name of boys line: shrunk). This brand new approach to create children’s clothing was very successful since the launch of the first boys collection in 2008. Whish you were a kid again? You have to be 4-12 years old to fit in these masterpieces.

Little Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is really busy with Louis Vuitton and his own fashion brand. Neither the less hi manages to produce several items for Little Marc (0-12 y.o.) per season.

Small Paul by Paul Frank

Julius in Ray-Ban,Julius with pacifier on the lining of warm parka, dead Skurvy printed on the hood… There are no exceptions not for kids, not for adults, Julius is gonna be everywhere. Just make sure that Julius on your t-shirt is more serious than at your baby daughter’s dress. Baby strollers, pacifiers, towels and panties also are available.

Little Paul and Joe

Kids line for little fashionistas offers everything that their parents love about Paul and Joe: nice fabrics, fresh colors, complicated prints. Grim mood for winter and a little bit more happy for summer is for free.

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